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The golden bell – Second Temple Jerusalem

Eli Shukron, along with a team of archaeologists, unearthed the golden bell during excavations in the area in 2019. The bell is believed to be from the time of the Second Temple period, which dates back to around the first century CE. This period is of great historical and religious significance, as it aligns with the time when the Jewish temple stood in Jerusalem.

The golden bell is an intriguing discovery due to its potential connection to the attire of priests who served in the temple during that era. According to biblical descriptions in the Book of Exodus, priests wore garments adorned with small golden bells around the hem of their robes. These bells were meant to create a tinkling sound as the priests moved, serving as a sign of their presence in the temple.

The significance of this discovery lies not only in the material value of the golden bell but also in its historical and religious implications. The finding offers insights into the rituals and practices of the Second Temple period and helps archaeologists and historians better understand the religious and cultural customs of ancient Jerusalem.